Life on the string, a fresh start.

Few days ago, I took a time to look back on my past to see what I've done so far. Though I had a little trouble going through it which was randomly scattered everywhere in my brain, soon it was not hard to find out I was literally letting my life go on just like a mechanical clock ticking and ticking as time goes by, nothing more... nothing less.

Life on the string. Yes, that's the name I came up with just a few minutes ago. First, I tried using aethen, aether, or luminiferous aether (why aether, by the way?). And again yes, I was thinking of some nice and shiny names for my first blog. But I just had to admit that there were already thousands of people before me who came up with the exactly same idea years earlier and registered their blogs under these seemingly wonderful names.

Now I do like this title more than any of the choices above. But it would suck all the taste out if I just speak out why it had to be Life on the String. Instead, I'm thinking it would be more fun and revealing to gradually "shape" my blog in a way to carry out what it really means? Plus, isn't that always how a great adventure begins?

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