Sonoluminescence as an Energy Harvesting Method

Development of Techniques to Investigate Sonoluminescence as a Source of Energy Harvesting
 by Wrbanek, John, D.; Fralick, Gustave, C.; Wrbanek, Susan, Y.

Instrumentation techniques are being developed at NASA Glenn Research Center to measure optical, radiation, and thermal properties of the phenomena of sonoluminescence, the light generated using acoustic cavitation. Initial efforts have been directed to the generation of the effect and the imaging of the glow in water and solvents. Several images have been produced of the effect showing the location within containers, without the additions of light enhancers to the liquid. Evidence of high energy generation in the modification of thin films from sonoluminescence in heavy water was seen that was not seen in light water. Bright, localized sonoluminescence was generated using glycerin for possible applications to energy harvesting. Issues to be resolved for an energy harvesting concept will be addressed.

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