[Part 0] Ultra-mobile Personal Commutator Project

"I gotta say, I have been rather sloppy and lazy in maintaining my only blog. I noticed recently that having a passion for a blog is almost cyclic in nature. In some months, I have this incredible passion of sharing what I do by writing a series of short posts with pictures, etc.. On the other hand, like these days, it doesn't even feel right to type out my blog address in a web browser."

Anyhow, recently I started a small project of my own which is to build my own Segway. I knew few other people have built their own versions of Segway and I was able to see their creations through YouTube, blogs, and websites,... One day, while I was watching them, it kinda hit me, I want to make my own version too!

I started to do some research to figure out what skills/components are needed in order to build a nice working Segway from scratch. Turns out, if you have taken few college level electronics and have decent machine skills and senses, it is not that hard business (Well, at least the balancing part. Once it balances, making it operate smooth without any glitch as the commercial Segway requires advanced knowledge in control systems theory as well as electronics, mechanics, and machining skills. It's not called Mechatronics for no reason.).

I did about a week of intensive designing process which, on top of making blueprints and the regular design stuffs, involved rough calculations of the dynamics and specking out components such as bearings, wheels, motors, etc..., I was practically ready to buy all the components. 

The picture here shows my preliminary design. I expect to finish it by the end of this summer meaning it may take several months at least. Considering the complexity of my system, however, this is not at all that bad. I call it a Open Source UPC (Ultra-mobile Personal Commutator) since I will be documenting every single thing I did and make it available for others in case it works, therefore, the term "Open Source," and UPC because no other commercially available products can beat my portability in terms of weight and size although I had to compromise some such as power and battery size, in order to size it down.

I may end up making another website that specifically deals with this kind of projects, but for now, if you are interested in how I progress, this blog will be the place to regularly check out.

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lukeny said...

Hi there! I hope you have finished yo project already! Bro I need you to help me with some hints, I will design one as well for my final project at university. please send me link of the website if have finished yo design... lukeny.sousa@gmail.com